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10/4/08 - Getting Ready

On Monday (7/4/08) morning I was advised by the AWA office that the breakfast meeting the day before my departure was oversubscribed and I could not get a seat. The meeting is to listen to Elizabeth Nosworthy, the Queensland Water Commissioner talk about the SEQ Water Strategy. AWA confirmed that there was not even room for a chair for people who wanted to come along and listen. Thus there was no chance of me attending.
My response was to advise AWA that I would be outside the venue with the kayak complete with its “No Dam” stickers. This caused a big stir. The president of AWA in Queensland rang me to say that he thought my actions inappropriate, advising that when the QWC found out about it they threatened to cancel the presentation. He spoke eloquently and set out the AWA case very well but I disagree with everything he said. If someone is going to vandalize a valley then they should be prepared to accept some criticism.
Too many people just accept the status quo these days. Too many people are frightened of speaking out lest it cause them a financial penalty. I am not afraid of anyone at the QWC. I think the Water Commissioners should resign. The strategy is very badly flawed and someone needs to say so.
However, with deference to my friends in AWA Queensland I will not have my kayak outside their breakfast meeting on Friday.
I will leave it up to you to judge what it means if one man with a kayak and a few stickers is a threat to an industry.

Getting ready
Steve and John trying out the support vehicle.
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